Lifting Your House - Preparation

E.M.S. House Lifting, L.L.C. wants to help you through every step of the process of lifting your house, because we understand how frustrating and emotionally and physically draining such an experience can be for homeowners and families.

Let's face it...lifting buildings is not for the DIY'er or general handyman, that's for certain. It involves much planning, coordinating, safety protocols, understanding procedures, restrictions, permit requirements, insurance, and much more.

If you have a need for lifting your home or other buildings, E.M.S. House Lifting, L.L.C. wants to make sure that experience goes as smoothly as possible, to minimize your discomfort or other unpleasantries often associated with such endeavors.

Here are some things you need to be mindful of in preparation for lifting your house. 

  • Local and other laws and regulations may require special permits and processing prior to commencing project.
    • Start with your City or Town Hall for information.
    • Homeowner's Insurance provider(s) may require notification or other information.
  • All services need to be disconnected and secured.
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Cable TV/Internet
    • Telephone
    • Other
  • Brick or stone chimneys may require dismantling and/or demolition.
  • Family (and pets) will have to move out of the house during the project.
    • Mail, newspapers need to be redirected.
  • Most furniture in the house may remain.
    • Some fragile or small items should be removed.
    • Live plants should be removed.
  • Basement must be emptied, including appliances, furnace, and other equipment.
  • Stairway(s) to basement must be removed.
  • Finished ceilings in basement might need to be removed or partially removed.
  • All interior basement partitions must be removed.