Monday, March 14, 2016

Who We Are!

E.M.S. HOUSE LIFTING, L.L.C. is in business to assist Connecticut homeowners (and others) needing to raise their houses or other buildings in order to make foundation or other major repairs which cannot be accomplished with the building in place.

E.M.S. stands for Erik Wilson, Mike Lachance, and Steve Lachance, who are the principals in this young company.

Each brings particular expertise and years of experience in site work, building construction, building inspection, structural engineering, drafting, design, and related disciplines.

Our mission is to offer affordable rates and professional, safe performance for building owners to accomplish something nobody really wants to have to do, but at times must do.

Raising buildings is not a new practice. Many buildings have been lifted and/or moved over the years, and such a task can be overwhelming, burdensome and worrisome for owners involved in such an undertaking.

That's where E.M.S. HOUSE LIFTING, L.L.C. comes in!

Let US lighten the worry and stress. We can assist from start to finish, coordinating the various trades and myriad others engaged in the complex process of safely, effectively, and affordably lifting and lowering buildings.


"We do the heavy lifting - you get peace of mind!" 
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